30 easy ways to rid your home of bad energy

The fresh air from an open window will allow the energy to flow freely, allowing positivism to break through. You can also shake pillows, rugs and other furniture to make sure that bad energy does not stay. An open window that offers natural light will also work as an instant reinforcement of the mood.

Use the sage cleansing powers to cleanse your home of any persistent toxic things.

It is thought that incense, a practice in which a space is filled with the smoke of special herbs, is extremely effective in eliminating negative energy. It is a common practice of Native Americans used to purify energy, body and even ritual spaces. You can buy these White Sage Smudge Sticks to fill your home with smoke, starting at the doors and continuing in a clockwise direction.

If you prefer the aroma of wood, you can clean the energy of your home with palo santo.

It is believed that palo santo has cleansing properties similar to those of sage. It is part of the citrus family, so it will fill your home with a sweet scent of lemon and mint, while freeing it from evil spirits and vibrations. This set of Palo Santo Cleansing ( Uncommon Goods , $ 38) comes with a beautiful ceramic plate to put your smoked wood.

Light candles to attract a sense of calm

Part of making your home a positive environment is to remember to practice personal care, in the way that suits you, whether it’s a long bath or a meditation. The flickering light of a candle will instantly make you feel calm while providing the perfect environment for relaxation and healing. This White Sage candle from Yankee Candle (Amazon , $ 18) will fill your space with the sage cleansing aroma.

Rearranging the furniture can create a path for the flow of positive energy.

It is about feng shui. The way things are placed in your life, including your furniture, will affect the kind of energy that surrounds you. The good placement of furniture brings good fortune. Some common ways to achieve feng shui in a room are to paint with warm colors, add art and make sure your furniture is paired, such as having two identical bedside tables next to the bed.

You may feel weird doing it, but applauding will help you get rid of the negative energy.

Clap loudly and rigorously in the corners of your house, which is where the energy tends to get stuck. You can also applaud in rooms that make you feel tired or where you tend to feel more stress, maybe your home office. This will interrupt any stagnant and bad energy.

Use an essential oil diffuser to focus on the type of negative energy you are trying to eliminate.

Disperse essential oils throughout the home is one way to take advantage of its healing properties. To get rid of the feelings of negativity, you can use an essential oil of lemon, grapefruit or spruce. Similarly, to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, you can pour a few drops of lavender or tangerine essential oil into a diffuser, such as the PureMist Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser ( Target , $ 20).

Choose one that is used to eliminate negative energy or improve your mood, like this RareESSENCE Aromatherapy Room Mist Spray ( Bed, Bath and Beyond , $ 10) infused with the sweet orange, grapefruit and black pepper aromas. Other types of essential oils that you can use are those that include lemon, rose and sage.

Sea salt will absorb and neutralize negative energy. Let the salt sit on each corner and then clean it by sweeping it and throwing it into the toilet. You can use a brand of cheap sea salt like Morton or go for the sophisticated side and buy another type, like this pink salt from the Himalayas of The Spice Lab ( Amazon , $ 8).

Hit pots and pans to drive away negative energy and unwanted spirits.

Like clapping or ringing the bells, hitting the pots and pans will interrupt the stagnant energy and the noise will eliminate everything that is undesirable and persistent. For many, this is a New Year tradition that is said to drive away the evil spirits of the previous year. But you can use this method when your space feels a bit heavy.

Achieve a clear and positive mentality through meditation.

Many times our thoughts and feelings can take control, which leads us to emit bad vibrations in our homes. A guided meditation program will clear the mind of negative thoughts and emotions that result in anger, anxiety or depression. Freeing your body of whatever toxic stuff it can hold will also free your home from it.

A salt lamp from the Himalayas will add a touch of decoration to your home while purifying the air.

The warm salt of this Ionic Natural Salt Crystal Lamp ( Bed, Bath and Beyond , $ 25) emits negative ions that neutralize and clean the air to provide a feeling of relaxation. Negative ions can also increase energy levels and give you a feeling of rejuvenation when it comes to overwhelming stress.

Activates the healing powers of crystals to invoke positive vibes.

You can absorb the benefits of healing crystals in many ways, from holding them during meditation or yoga to using them as decoration for the home. These crystals will dissipate any bad vibes in the room. Each class has its own healing power. Citrine will relieve stress, rose quartz can promote peace and tranquility, and obsidian can provide safety. It can be difficult to choose the right crystals from among many options, but the Goop Medicine Bag ( Goop , $ 85) contains a good mix to begin with.

A crystal chandelier will purify your home while adding a soothing shine.

This Selenite Crystal Lamp ( Urban Outfitters , $ 49) is made of Moroccan selenite and its brightness can adjust your mood. Selenite is used to clear the mind of bad ideas and thoughts that may begin to affect how your environment feels. Eliminating the negativity of your mind allows serenity to take over your home.

Amethyst is a great stone for beautiful jewelry, but strategically placed in your home can also eliminate negative energy.

Amethyst has many uses, including neutralizing arguments by generating compassion and understanding, and driving away bad desires, negative emotions and depression. Place it in the part of your house where you feel most uncomfortable or close to all the entrances. This Amethyst Crystal Cluster ( Urban Outfitters , $ 12) is still on the piece of stone on which it grew.

Create an altar of objects designed to produce positivism.

You can create a positive energy source by decorating a small table or shelf with elements that make you happy and that represent the good things in your life. These may include family photos, items that bring good luck, such as a statuette of an elephant and other things that are sacred to you.

Immerse yourself in a bath full of sea salt.

Just as you place salt around your house, submerging yourself in a sea salt bath will purify your body of all the negative vibes that you may have been in contact with or have produced mentally. Salt water also physically extracts toxins from your body, returns some of the minerals you need and relieves physical pain, such as muscle and joint pain. Dr. Teals Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak ( Target , $ 5) is infused with essential oils to add additional healing properties.

Add photos of memorable moments to the decoration of your home.

Surrounding yourself with memories of happy moments will promote positive thoughts and add additional protection against bad energy. This Williams Sonoma frame in Rose Quartz color ( Williams Sonoma , $ 125- $ 150) will also invoke the healing properties of rose quartz crystal, which frees your mind of anger and resentment and opens it to unconditional love.

Repair or eliminate broken things, especially if they are irreparable.

Having broken items at home can completely get rid of feng shui, as they can cling to negative energy. If it can not be fixed, discard it. If you can, make a plan to repair it, as the way you handle broken items can become a reflection of how you will handle other events in your life.

Buy a plant to add a touch of vegetation and positivism to your home.

Plants naturally filter out any negative energy that can plague your space. Choose a plant that is right for you, since each one has specific care needs and unique healing properties. Chinese money trees do not work well where there is a lot of sunlight, but they bring good luck; the lilies of peace bloom in shaded areas with high humidity and promote positive energy by purifying the air and the lucky bamboo plants reinforce feng shui.

Remember to close the toilet lid after using the bathroom.

In Chinese culture it is believed that keeping the toilet lid open will remove the chi from the house. Chi is the universal energy that is found in everything, sometimes called life force. It is said that keeping the toilet lid and bathroom door closed reduces the loss of chi. Adding a money plant to the bathroom will help with the flow of positive energy.

Playing music with high vibrations can help convert negative energy into positive energy.

Listening to a good song puts you in a better mood instantly. Music has the ability to relieve stress, evoke feelings of happiness and joy and break chemical imbalances in the air. Relaxing music can also help clear the mind when it is used during meditation or other moments of self-reflection.

Decorate your home with items that are designed to create positive energy.

Browse the web to find an article suitable for you, from a photo frame to the decoration for a small table in the living room. This Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Sculpture sculpture ( Urban Outfitters , $ 14) will add a touch of sophisticated color to any bedside table or shelf in the living room. It is made of natural quartz extracted in Brazil that is said to activate positive energy.

It combines the healing properties of a money tree and that of rose quartz with this gem tree.

This Crystal Bonsai Money Tree ( Amazon , $ 15) is a unique accent for any coffee table, shelf or any other place that needs something extra. This crystal tree produces positive energy by promoting mental clarity, guidance and a feeling of warmth. It is also available in other crystals such as black tourmaline, jade and clear quartz.

Be aware of the colors you use to paint your walls.

Certain colors help raise the feng shui of your home, resulting in a positive energy that can really make your home feel like a refuge. The use of blue can create a sense of calm and serenity, yellow is cozy and neutralizes bad vibes and green can relieve stress. Each color has its own personality that can be transferred to your home.

The resonant sound of the Tibetan bowls can eliminate the negative energy.

Like the ringing of bells, the gentle sound of a Tibetan bowl will disperse the negative energy that is trapped inside your house and allow a new chi to enter. Sound can also purify the body, especially when combined with other practices such as burning incense and meditation. This set of Tibetan Singing Bowl ( The Ohm Store , $ 27) is perfect for meditation, as it can sit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Clutter can physically and mentally block your path to positivism.

Entering a messy room can instantly cause feelings of stress and anxiety, while a clean and organized space makes you feel at ease. There’s a reason for that. Objects can conserve energy, especially the oldest ones. Because of this, it is not bad to get rid of things that you can do without. You will be making space for new things.

Because mirrors reflect light, they can bring good energy to a dark space.

Mirrors are commonly used in feng shui to reflect and activate the energies of different objects and scenes in your home. A correctly placed mirror will attract good luck, positive energy from sunlight and can serve as a corrector in places where good luck can escape, such as bathing. These decorative Peruvian mirrors ( West Elm , $ 39- $ 59) will be an excellent detail in any space.

Elevate energy levels and create a sense of serenity by burning incense carefully.

Incense will not only clean your home from bad vibes, it will also fill you with fragrant notes of what you choose to burn. Choose incense that promotes purification like sage, sandalwood and frankincense. Remember to practice safe methods when burning incense, such as placing it in a suitable container, like this Emi Incense Holder ( Urban Outfitters , $ 16).

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