Classical music, concerts and opera in London

Always present in the list of the most beautiful and worthy visiting cities, London – the capital of Britain have a list of tourist attractive thing in many fields such as culture, art, entertainment for visitors to discover. In which there are many attractive destinations you can not ignore: British museum, National exhibition, National historical museum, London Tower. In addition, London has a lot of famous and great historical significance architectural constructions: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Palace, Big Ben Tower, The Bright over the Theme river. Especially, London is considered as the world’s capital of music including classical and modern style.

Coming to London you should not skip opportunities to enjoy a night of concert with extremely modern sound and light at a large theatre as: Earls Court, Wembley Arena, O2 Arena… Besides you can also listen to music on familiar streets in London from street artists. Sometime, immersing yourself in vibrant jazz is also a good way to relax.

Classical music, concerts and opera in London

As recommended above, London has a large amount of concerts, recitals and music festivals taking place in the capital every month. One of the biggest music festival is BBC’ Prom taking place on every year at the Royal Albert Hall, which has hosted the series of classical concerts since 1941. This year’s Prom began on Friday July 17. This is a music festival attracting a lot of the world’s greatest orchestras and classical performers come to London. If you want to take partin this concert, booking in advance is necessary for when out of ticket or expensive ticket. In common, if you’re going as a one-off, then it’s worth buying a seat. And If you want to go on a more regular basis then it’s more cost-effective to Prom, which means buying a standing ticket in the gallery or the arena. You can also get a season ticket in advance which guarantee entry to any Prom ten minutes before the start of the concert at price of £2.25 per concert. Otherwise, just turn up on the day, queue, and pay £5 for one of the 1,400 standing tickets.

Street music

It is not difficult to find a musician or street artist beside their instruments at London’s public place such as: on crossing street, on the noisy subway station, on the train, bridge between the park. They immerse in melody with electric guitar, drums, trumpet, flute, violin, piano.Interestingly you can try playing as a performer if you ask for the artist or music band at that place. In those street artists, there are some people play for money, some people play for their passion of fun. They play for many purposes. However no matter what is the reason, if you like their performance, say “ Thank you” and leave a few cents to cheer their passion.

Jazz on tearooms and clubs

Tearooms and coffee shops are always perfect choices also. Come to tearooms and enjoy vibraintjazz melody you will feel relax and comfortable. There is common jazz and game there , you cantake part in the game and receive interesting gifts.

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