Shopping in London

If there is nothing you can do in London! Why not go for shopping in London? The English capital is part of these cities to visit at least once in your life to know the magic. Its mixture of cultures, architectural styles and many other activities to do make it a city that will never tire you.

London is the center of fashion, music and business. Between extravagant buildings and an uncertain climate, you can go for shopping in London. There are beautiful squares, monuments and museums. What do you think the idea of discovering all this by going shopping in London?

london-300x173Shopping in London the English capital, is an experience in itself. Londoners do not just go to shopping malls, boutiques or fashion stores. They do even more by organizing markets with objects more curious than the others. Who has never heard of the Camden market or the Portobello Road market?If you are going to travel soon to this great city, here are tips for shopping in London. Take note !

Streets for shopping in London

Oxford Street


It is the paradise of every buyer with more than 300 shops and one of the busiest shopping streets in London: of course we speak of Oxford Street. With more than 200 million visitors and more than 3km of shops, you will find great brands like Marks & Spencer, Debenhams as well as classic boutiques at good prices like Gap, Zara, Mango.

Bond Street

Bond Street is the playground of London’s high society. It is the favorite street of celebrities from around the world for shopping in London, famous for its residents like Admiral Nelson and Lady Hamilton. It is famous for being a perfect place for lovers of fashion and luxury accessories since this street houses the most prestigious shops of the world like Jimmy Choo, Prada, Burberry Chanel …

Even if you will not find on Bond Street “good plans”, the tour is worth it. You can rest and sit between two beautiful residences: Winston Churchill Bench and President Franklin Roosevelt.

Regent Street


Regent Street is known for hosting two of the great icons of the English capital: Libertad, a fantastic boutique where you can buy unique creations from independent designers and offer tourists beautiful windows. The other London icon is the Hamley toy store, which is the best known in the world. A paradise for children!


Carnaby is the cradle of fashion in the 60’s for your shopping in London. All those of that time who wanted to be fashionable gathered to go shopping in the shops of Carnaby, among others the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

During the 1980s, it became a center of punk and alternative fashion until it became what we know today: a brilliant mix of brands, independent boutiques and new creators of unique collections.

Carnaby Street has more than 150 fashion boutiques and 50 restaurants. You will be able to pass near the arch arch and find an interesting mix between shops and visitors.

King’s Road


King’s Road is the result of an eclectic mix of designer brands and boutiques of renowned designers who try to make a place among the great shopping.

Among the biggest stores, do not forget Peter Jones and Habitat Heal. We advise you to visit the most famous shops of London as “The Worlds End” by the creator Vivienne Westwood, which is considered a highlight of fashion Punk and whose shop is known as the birthplace of punk in the 70’s.

London Markets

London is the city where you can go sightseeing in its many markets. It has the best and most famous markets in Europe! Want to know what are the must-see markets for your London shopping?

Portobello Road Market

If you love vintage fashion, do not get away from London’s Notting Hill, you’ll find the Portobello Road Market.Every Saturday the stands prepare to sell antiques, but also clothes, works of art and jewelry.

Portobello Road is not only an ideal place for shopping in London, it is also a perfect place to live the true London atmosphere. It is a market very popular by tourists but also residents

Borough Market

Because shopping in London is not limited to clothing, you can also dedicate yourself to gastronomy. Visit the Borough Market! It is the best food market in the English capital. You will find fresh local products as well as cuisines from all over the world.

Camden Town Market


Camden Town is the London market par excellence.Your visit to the capital will not be complete without going through the curious stalls of this fantastic market.If you do not find what you are looking for in Camden, then your product does not exist! You can buy clothes, used items, other brands, jewelry, books of unique edition, etc … All at affordable prices!

Covent Garden Market


Finally, you can not miss the oldest market in London, Covent Garden! This market is famous for its original shops that contrast with the high-end brands that characterize London. In Covent Garden you will find small shops that offer fantastic objects to decorate your home, unique porcelain items but you will also have small stands with special items and handmade such as special flavored soaps, flavored candles Or wooden toys.

But the visit does not end there! When you are tired of exploring every corner of the market, you can sit in one of the terraces and enjoy the many performances of the artists who walk the streets of Covent Garden every day.

What do you think this selection of places to do your shopping in London? Have you ever been to London for this purpose? Tell us about your experience and give us your tips for future travelers!