The gorilla of the London zoo escapes and drinks 5 liters of blackcurrant syrup

gorilla-london-zooThe escape of the gorilla of the zoo of London, on October 13, made a great noise We have just learned that during his escapade he offered himself a little pleasure greedy

The British daily The Guardian reported on Thursday the details of this escape Kumbuka, a gorilla with a silver back, took advantage of his brief moments of freedom to swallow five liters of undiluted blackcurrant syrup A quantity to relativize when we know that Kumbuka weighs 184 kilos

Face-to-face with the gorilla

The Guardian also details how the gorilla escaped He did not need to break any windows or locks, but took advantage of a door unlocked temporarily by an employee of the zoo , while a second had not yet been secured The latter then found himself face-to-face with the animal “Thanks to the close relationship between the employee and the gorilla, the employee was able to reassure Kumubuka, speaking calmly to him, in order to leave the site quietly,” explained Professor David Field, chief zoologist at ZSL Zoo London

The alarm was then triggered and the zoo evacuated, before the police intervened During that time, the gorilla had explored the area dedicated to zookeepers, where he found the black currant syrup, never get into the places reserved to the public He was then mastered by a tranquillizer, then relocated to his enclosure

“The whole thing is less dramatic than some people want to believe,” David Field said According to the latter, if human error can not be avoided, automating the doors that could have crossed Kumbuka would potentially pose an even greater risk

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