Top unique festival in London

London is the city of festival. There are many festivals annual. Today I will recommend you some unique festival in London that you are absolutely interested in

Tattoo Festival

International tattoo festival in London is an activity that held every year starting from 2005 and has always attracted a lot of participants with extremely unique tattoos. At this festival, people come here to show off their unique tattoo. This is also the place marked the names of famous tattoo artists.

Besides, Tattoo festival is also a place for hundreds of tattoo artists affirm their workmanship. If you are people who love and want to own a tattoo, it is a perfect place for you.

Camellia Flower Festival

Camellia flower is the name used to commemorate members of a lineage family in the the 18th century. Its camellia flower collection is very diverse with many categories from different color to different size. The oldest camellia in the camellia flower collection has circumference up to 1,27m. Camellia flower often do not have aroma, there are many sizes and different colors like white, pink, red or even combination of these colors.

This festival takes place in February in London at Chiswick House and Gardens. The conservatory at Chiswick House built 200 years ago and has housed camellias until now.

In the end of 2010, the first camellia flower festival was held after Chiswick House upgraded and opening to visitors …

London Coffee Festival

This is a festival held annually at the capital of Britain concentrate on the most favorite drink in the world – COFFEE. This event attracted over 20,000 people every year. It is a paradise for all coffee lovers who want to enjoy the brand of their favorite drinks. This great program is only on for 4 days though so be quick! It begins on the 30th of April and end on the 3rd of May.

The holding venue of the festival is Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane Street or some festival areas named after the famous area of the host city – Hyde Park, Soho or Shoreditch. Coming to the event, you will have chance to try coffee flavors concocted in different ways.

You will also see some beautiful furniture and interior artifacts from all over the world….. If you like modern / contemporary designs then this is for you.

London Comics Festival (The Cosplay Carnival)

Fans of comics has created a exhibition space for Cosplay of Comics, on the other way, it is a background of the superheroes and famous villains. And, it is well-known as London Comics Festival (The Cosplay Carnival)

In this carnival, superhero, crime, swordsman, aliens… all the characters from comics will “appear” authentically through camouflaging of fans. Cosplay fans consider this carnival as an occasion to bring costumes from comics, cartoons, video games and science fiction films to life.

And then, London Comics Festival will choose a person who is on behalf of United Kingdom to participate in Euro Cosplay Championships Final and another couple to join in Clara Cow Cosplay Cup.

The enthusiastic fans can spend thousands of pounds and many hours to make a costume imitating the styles of their favorite characters.