A London travel guide and experiences

Talking about London drifts me through all the memories I have got in my mind. It is wonderful, mysterious and mesmerizing. I never have gotten a chance to go to a place like this one. Not just because it is “The London” that’s why I loved the trip, rather the things I learned and the experiences I had and how I connected them to what I read as a child. Being a USA native citizen, I always wanted to know what differences are there within these two civilizations. I really loved to read about the great history of London and how it has got developed all the way through the ancient times to the latest thrill packed London of today.

Tower Bridge

The adventure started when my friends planned a trip to London and offered me to join them for a week’s stay there. I definitely felt thrilled as it was my first travel abroad and I also was amazed how my friends planned that. Did they sneak peeked into my mind? LOlz… whatever the reason was, I made myself ready to go and started searching about the essentials I need to pack with me, travelling options and routes, top hotels and restaurants, pick drop options and the best destinations and things to do while in London.

I wanted to make things up in an organized way so that I would not miss anything that I wanted to explore there. I discussed my whole plan with my friends and shared our ideas together to make sure we will be getting the most out of our trip to London in these 7 days.

Airlines Booking and reservation:

The first thing that we did was heading towards one of the top travel agencies and asked them to give us the whole set of information regarding the fares, ticket availability and route options that would be best for us. We decided to choose the British Airways to the central London. Booked our ticket and made sure that we reserved our seats for the date we have planned. Remember to never book just any airline there are many that are available out there, but few comply to the best standards.

Clothes and packing essentials:

After booking, we had to prepare out things up. The most important were the clothing essentials. It’s a fact that London has a weather with extreme highs and lows and is famous for its foggy atmosphere. That’s why we put clothes that would be used in this varying weather easily. If you are also planning to do so, then do make sure, you have got clothes good enough to keep you comfortable in both highs and lows of the weather on the same day.

Making to-do-lists

Other things I put together included an HD camera, a London travel guide magazine, some to-do-lists for my own including some important visits and monuments to see. Making a to-do-list of your own is an excellent idea for a person who is going to visit London or any new place for the first time. This will help you save time and money and still you will be able to enjoy all the moments and see the most valuable destinations and monuments that you’d ever wish for.

To the Airport and our thoughts in the plane

Our flight was in the evening and we left a little earlier to make sure we don’t miss our flight. From New York to London we had to travel about 7-8 hours approximately. Before we left, we checked our visa, passport, ticket and the backpacks. What we were thinking about was the time zone difference. No matter from where you belong, time zone difference would have a significant effect on your personality and overall bodily functions. We kept this thing in mind and planned to take some rest after we’d reach London.

In the plane and down to the London airport:

Though it is a general thought that when you have to travel for 6-10 hours you’ll get tired, bored and fatigued while sitting in the plane. But it is not true for most of the people who travel through excellent air services and have got a lot things to do in their mind. We booked our flight to London and it was destined to the Heathrow airport. This airport is one of the two available options and lies right within the London city. While the other option is the Gatwick airport, which is a bit outside of the central London and you’ll have to take the tube to travel to the central city. We opt to land on Hetahrow as we had to take some rest before we start our adventure. Which was not possible if we had landed to Gatwick.

Though I thought the travelling period would be boring the time went like the wind and we were there in London, at Heathrow airport. From here the first thing has to be to catch up your luggage and then look for a taxi that would take you to the restaurant. If you have booked a trip package that has the restaurant reservation also then you can go there directly, but in case you don’t, you may want to know which ones are best to spend your holidays.

Hotel bookings

Try to book a hotel that is near to the airport and offers an excellent accessibility to the central parts of the city. Like the best we found was the Sheraton Skyline Hotel London Heathrow is about 1.1 miles from Heathrow airport and has got the certificate of excellence for its high quality services. In addition to this one you can try to look for:

Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel 1.0 miles from the Heathrow airport
Heathrow Hotel Bath Road, 0.9 miles,
YOTEL London Heathrow Airport, 0.8 miles

You choose any of them according to your ease and facility.

Moving and travelling within London:

Moving within London city would be a great adventure. To make sure you travel safely without any mislead routes, you should sort out the route first. Make it where you go first, which destinations are a must to see, how you’ll travel’s etc. there are two different kinds of card that are available in London. One is named as Oyster card and the other is the traveler’s card. The Oyster is for the visitors while the traveler is for the residents. Oyster would be best as you can load it and use to go where ever you need and it can also be re credited. We opted to get the Oyster card. As individual travel or private travel is a bit expensive and should only be considered when you have got family with you and you can afford higher prices.

Must see destinations and monuments:

The most famous  destinations that I was thrilled to see included the Big Ben, the tower of the London, London bridge and the London eye.But you must be amazed to hear that I also had hundreds of spots and moment that I enjoyed with my friends. The spots I am talking about are not famous, high end spots, rather I enjoyed walking on the streets. Like “mews” in Kensington and also the Knightsbridge. The lane Soho and the Westminster back streets. All these streets have got got a calming effect and will make you feel like in ancient and historical London. You can visit Covent Garden and Chalk Farm for a reviving natural feel.


Beautiful nightlife was waiting for use out there. We enjoyed Pub foods, went to clubs and see how Londoners spent time together. You can find numerous trendy Pubs in Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly that has a full range of Pub essentials for the tourists. While if you need high end pubs and restaurants you can visit  Walton street or Berkely Square or South Kensington.  Most Pubs close at 11 PM but many can be found opened till 1:30 AM, 1-3 AM or open till 7 AM or even licensed for 24 hours.

After spending a whole lot of 7 days we travelled back to our home with all the memories in our minds. We learned a lot about the culture, the lifestyle and many things that would remain with us for a life time.

What you should know about London:

  • Prices are high either for services at restaurants, for purchasing goods or even for travelling around. So make sure you have got that in mind.
  • Never get jumbled or be lost into crowded streets as you will not be able to see and enjoy for which you have been there. Try to walk through calm streets to let the feel in yourself.
  • The London has all the trendy and modern life necessities despite the fact the overall feel is historical.
  • The food is different from that of American food or other European countries, so make sure you are ready to eat boiled tomatoes and thick bacons.
  • The weather is variable as you might have a foggy morning and a sunny noon. Make sure you get all clothings with you.

After knowing all these wonderful things we should say anyone could enjoy the trip to London if have got plenty of useful information like I have shared here. Just be prepared before you plan your trip.