London’s wildlife through zoos and aquariums

Let’s learn about the diversified wildlife in the historical city through some famous zoos and aquariums!

ZSL London Zoo

Address: Regent’s Park Outer Circle, Primrose Hill, London, NW1 4RY

Opened on April 27 1828, London Zoo in Regent’s Park is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and house a collection of over 12000 animals,806 species and 12 heritage-listed building, making one of the largest collections in the UK. Coming to the zoo, visitors will be given the  opportunity to learn more about the animals from their keepers through the daily show “ Meet the animals”.

Besides, beautiful and rare creatures can be seen in the Aquarium, the Clore Rainforest Lookout, Gorilla Kingdom, Butterfly Paradise , Penguin Pool- the largest colony in London and in the £3.6 million Tiger Territory – the latest improvement at the zoo. For kids, the  ‘Animal Adventure’ children’s zoo helps them experience the smells and sights of the animal kingdom in a close but safety distance. Kids can even feed and touch the goats and sheep and meet the donkeys, llamas and pigs. It will be a great day out in the capital for all ages.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Address: Battersea Park, Chelsea Embankment, London SW11 4NJ

Battersea Park Chidren’s Zoo is home to home to a host of glorious creatures including farmyard animals, otters, flamingos, meerkats, lemurs, monkeys as well as peacocks which roam the enclosure. This zoo allows people to feed the animals up and the feeding sessions take place throughout the day and the keepers patiently answer all the questions of visitors.

This charming zoo in the heart of pretty Battersea Park is such a wonderful paradise for children who love adventure playground with its sand and water play area. The zoo’s outdoor play areas feature a large sand pit, mini trampolines, a tree house and appropriately monkey bars. Besides, the indoor play areas, coffee shop andsouvenir shop are also included.

Sea Life London Aquarium

Address: County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE 1 7PB

Situated on the popular South Bank of the River Thames in the capital, Sea Life London Aquarium is the largest aquarium in London, attracting up one million visitors each year. With over 500 species, more than 2 millions litres of water and 14 themed zone, the aquarium is home to one of the largest collections of global marine life in Europe. Coming here, visitors will be surprised of the huge and majestic spaces, like getting lost in the ocean with great variety of fishes. The aquarium takes visitors on an interactive and immersive journey along the Great Oceanic Conveyor.

The journey will take at least a good 2 hours to see everything. The stunning glass tunnel walkway offers visitorsa memorable experience by strolling underneath a Tropical Ocean. The interactions along the ways such as feeding the stingrays and watching displays to touch pools and discovery zones make the journey more and more interesting.

Sea Life London Aquarium

Address: Church Rd, London W7 3BP

If you don’t have enough time to explore the three large zoos and aquarium above, Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre or sometime known as “Bunny Park” is an ideal choice for you. It is a small zoo and home to the a range of animal such as sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs,spiders, Turkish spine mice, waterfowl and more. The zoo also houses a collection of exotic bird and mammals including rhea and mongooses to keep children entertained. Moreover, it is also a children’s play area and a coffee shop. The Millennium Maze here which is a network of paths and 2000 yew trees planted to commemorate the new millennium is also worth to see.

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